5 of the Funniest Shows on TV Right Now

There are hundreds of comedy shows that air on TV every day. Some, are reruns of popular and older comedy shows. Then, there’s the comedy show that never seems to fail us, Saturday Night Live. But, what about comedy shows that aren’t reruns or classics? Continue below to find out about five of the funniest shows on TV right now.


1.) Drunk History

Drunk History

The first comedy show on our list is Drunk History. This Comedy Central show recently wrapped up its third season. Drunk History is a half-hour comedy show, in which a comedian gets drunk, then retells historical stories about a specific event or town in the United States. While the drunk comedian narrates the story, actors reenact what happened.


2.) Broad City

Broad City

The second comedy show on our list is another show that comes on Comedy Central. Broad City is a half-hour show that follows the lives of 20-something best friends who live in New York. While the show’s premise initially seems like your typical show about millennials navigating New York, Broad City takes you on a whirlwind of adventures that show the chacters in sticky situations and following bizarre life paths.


3.) Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

The next comedy show on our list takes a comedic spin on your classic police drama. Brooklyn Nine-Nine follows the lives of Jake Peralta, Ray Holt, and the other officers at Brooklyn’s 99th precinct. Jake Peralta is a detective who is carefree and extremely talented (he has the best arrest record at Brooklyn’s 99th precinct). At the beginning of the series, Jake has never had to follow rules or work hard. But, suddenly his world turns upside down when a new commanding officer, Ray Holt, comes to the 99th precinct. Soon, Jake finds himself working to keep his outstanding arrest record, while fellow detective, Amy Santiago, begins to come close to Jake’s arrest record.


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4.) Inside Amy Schumer

Inside Amy Schumer

The fourth comedy show on our list is yet another show on Comedy Central. If you loved the movie Trainwreck, then you will fall in love with Inside Amy Schumer. Inside Amy Schumer is a series that stars Amy Schumer. Schumer performs scripted bits, stand-up clips, and interviews. Throughout this show, Schumer explores and discusses current social, political, and cultural issues. Also, she isn’t afraid to discuss about things that other people may deem inappropriate.


5.) Modern Family

Modern Family

Finally, the last comedy show on our list is the critically acclaimed show, Modern Family. Modern Family is currently on its seven season, and follows the hilarious lives of a few families. There is Phil and Claire, who are honest and geeky parents. They have three children; a daughter who attempts to grow up too fast, a daughter who is incredibly smart, and a son who takes an interesting approach to life. Then, there’s Claire’s dad, Jay, who is married to the younger Gloria. Together, they raise two sons. The last family is Jay’s gay son, Mitchell, and his husband, Cameron. Mitchell and Cameron adopted a young Asian girl, Lily. Each of the families bring a comedic attribute to the show. But, the show is especially funny when all of the three individual families come together.