“Hollandaze” a grimey thick debut from Odonis Odonis


With electro, dubstep and neo new wave taking up a large portion of the current indie landscape, it’s not hard to see that the 80’s resurgence is still where it’s at. But amidst all that synth and electronic drums, it’s refreshing to hear a band reviving pieces of the past so important to rock music.

Odonis Odonis – guitarist Dean Tzenos, bassist Denholm Whale and drummer Jarod Gibson – have been on the Toronto scene since 2010 and have a couple of splits under their belt, but Hollandaze marks their first full-length, as they step up to fill the void leftover from the golden age of grunge.

Hollandaze is the embodiment of live dive bar music. The lo-fi overtones, distorted guitar effects and ghostly vocals mix together to form what feels familiar yet Coinstar money transfer distinct at the same time. It’s a psychedelic trip not unlike taking in a grindhouse flick while blazed out of your mind.

The title track, an acid surf jam that ends in a rush of noise, would do well in a Tarantino film, while “Busted Lip” is a stoner rock melody of repetitive single-chord riffs reminding one of the legendary Desert Session albums. Further down the setlist are “Blood Feast” and “Seedgazer”, static-y songs that beckon inspiration from My Bloody Valentine and The Cure. The band’s shoegaze and The Horrors-ish post-punk tangent is a nice cooloff to the otherwise heavy album thus far. Stand-out track “New World” is its own entity, a hard rock groove with lots of distortion. After that Hollandaze veers into an slower experimental grind, but picks up again in “Ledged Up,” which channels the Beach Boys on meth.

Hollandaze makes it apparent that Odonis Odonis know what they’re doing. It’s a bit rusty around the edges and smells like it hasn’t showered in a couple of days, but it’s damn satisfying.